Yes and No.

"We’re like a grenade when you pull that pin you have about 5 seconds until we explode into action."

If ever you have the need to cancel an order please call immediately and depending on what was ordered and the time frame you MAY have an option to cancel your order.


For Food orders requested for immediate delivery or Pick-up that corny grenade metaphor is pretty spot on. But give us a call anyway and we will do all in our power to make this a painless as possible.

For  Food orders requested for Scheduled delivery You still have hope, please contact us at least 90 minutes, prior to scheduled delivery time. And we will handle the cancellation accordingly Scheduled orders may not be canceled within 90 minutes of estimated delivery.

For Retail orders requested for Pick-up, You need to call/text us at least 1 hour prior to estimated delivery time. So that we can return or cancel your item. If the item is already delivered or in transit then you will be responsible for same fees for the initial order and a return fee.

For Retail orders just call us as soon as soon as you need to cancel and if the order is not already in transit then your order will be canceled. If the order has been purchased but not in transit you may still be responsible for the delivery fee and service charge.

If you’re wondering why then that is understandable. The reason you would still be responsible for the delivery fee and service charge is because we still had to do the work and use almost the same amount of resources to get it to you. This is on a case by case basis so don’t sweat it, give us a call if needed.  

If it is too late to cancel and you do not know what to do what the food that you ordered. We have no problem donating the food to a local shelter or dispersing it to the homeless. On top of that we will document it and share it on our social media and we will let the world know who the generosity came from if you’d like.