My bank account is showing that I was double charged. How can you fix this?

We are 99.999999998% sure that this is an authorization charge, which is the system’s way of checking to make sure the money is there. Then the actual charge is done later. In which case this charge will disappear into the abyss in a matter of days.

What about that 0.0000000002% chance that it’s not an authorization charge?

Well, in this case, keep your records and wait a few days if it doesn’t drop from your account give us a call or shoot us an email.


Another reason could have been because your total was adjusted if that happened for any reason.You may see a separate transaction for the correct amount, the former charge will eventually be voided and pull a Houdini trick in a few days. If there may have been a typo when entering the zip code or CVV, there is a large chance a duplicate charge will show itself, though no worries it’ll scram in a few days also. In all cases, the amount time for which the incorrect charges to disappear from your account is dependent on your bank.  Also in all cases, we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.